Who would buy a dome house? This one in Ontario’s cottage country is going for $889,000

The fully renovated dome house sits on under half of an acre of land, and is in walking distance to Lake Simcoe. 

By Dorcas Marfo Staff Reporter Wed., March 16, 2022 (2 min. read)

Does the shape of a home matter? 

This 2,700-square-foot house shaped like a geodesic dome, with a $889,000 price tag, is located in Oro-Mendonte, Ont., a region clipped between Barrie and Orillia.

Listed four times this year, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom “bungaloft” is located in a quiet, private community and located in Simcoe cottage county.

The unique property, built in 1971, was first listed for around $1 million on Jan. 6, records show. A few weeks later, the listing was terminated and re-listed at $899,999 in late January. After that listing was terimated, it was listed for $10,000 less, at $889,999. 

Still, no buyers.

According to David Sussman, a realtor and Toronto Real Estate Board member — this property is for a very specific buyer, because of its shape and location.

“You have to love that look and want to be in that neighbourhood,” he said.

While someone may think of living here, a better fit, Sussman says, would be someone who purchased the property to rent out as a short-term rental, on Airbnb, for example.

“I think somebody would look at this house and be like, ‘What a cool place to stay for like a week.’”

Also, with properties up north, in cottage areas, it’s important to test septic systems, Sussman explains. 

“You have to make sure that (those systems) have enough space for the amount of bathrooms, and bedrooms. They’re not easy sales,” Sussman analyzed, referring to the cost that comes with cottage properties up north.

While this may be a property for a niche audience, there are benefits to its unique shape.

Geodesic domes use 30 per cent less materials to build homes, a better solution for the environment, and are able to withhold wind, rain, snow storms and harsh weathers in the north, Sussman says.

“Architecturally, people like these because of the strength of the building,” Sussman added. 

Since the start of the pandemic, many have expressed the desire for more space, as seen through higher prices and slimmer supply of cottage properties

On the listing, the dome house boasts itself as “architectural magnificence,” fit with brand new renovations and appliances. It also boasts a large lot, and is “walking distance from Lake Simcoe … boat launches, ski hills, hiking and highway access,” the listing continues.

“Ceilings soar to a height of 16.5-feet in the striking open-concept space,” it reads.